State-by-State Results

Below is an interactive map showing to what extent each state has adopted ACM and CSTA's nationally recognized computer science education standards into state standards and whether computer science counts as a core mathematics or science graduation credit. The first score card in the left-hand column shows the adoption rate of standards organized along the information technology fluency categories (Skills, Capabilities and Concepts) created by the National Academies study Being Fluent with Information Technology. The lower score card shows the same data broken down by the three framework levels in the ACM/CSTA model curriculum. The last box shows whether computer science courses count as a required graduation credit from secondary education.

The national snapshot shows only 9 states count computer science as a core graduation credit and most state standards are focused on "skills" (73 percent adoption) instead of deeper computing "concepts" (only 37 percent adoption). Further most states have few Level II or III standards.